Rayna Verbeck

Writer | Speaker | Researcher | Student

Hi, my name is Rayna Verbeck. I read, write research and speak about opportunities for people who are too often left out of economic systems and start up communities. 

I know firsthand about these opportunities and challenges. I picked up my diploma from college in Oregon, packed up my belongings and boarded a plane to New York City 5 days later.  Teaching in the South Bronx with Teach for America was a profound experience that shaped my approach to my career. I set my eyes on business as a tool for changing the experiences of young people like my students, as well as other marginalized groups. 

In business school, I focused on entrepreneurship and marketing. I owned my first business at 25 and took time off to write my first book and dip my toes in to the exciting world of consulting. I am continuing to research and write about economic opportunity as a doctoral student at the University of Massachusetts.